Tips for Students on Blog Writing (2022 Trends)

Blogging can be a super lucrative and fun career path and should be on your radar if you’re a student. Here’s what you need to keep an eye on!

If you are a student, blog writing should be on your radar. The reason is simple: blogging makes you versatile, letting you work from any place without being attached to a specific schedule.

Besides, blogging has never been that promising; modern writers are in demand these days because, well, content matters! So, suppose you are a student and have a knack for writing. What trends should you keep in mind to start in a blog writing field?

We have put together a comprehensive list of the most large-scale trends that will predetermine your successful start and make you a sought-after writing expert in the long run.

Daily or nearly-daily posting is key

Whether you want to be self-employed, employed, or work by a contract, frequent posting is the shortest way to success. See, blogging is not nearly what it used to be in the past. Compared to previous generations of bloggers, modern writers must post frequently. Writing on schedule has numerous advantages, with being traffic drivers among the most powerful ones.

Studies have shown that marketers who focus on frequent blog writing get a tenfold better return on investment when it comes to an entire marketing campaign. This fact demonstrates that blogging hasn’t become more popular now; it has also strengthened its role in marketing campaigns.

If you wonder how often you should post, it depends on your capabilities. Being a student, you will likely be on a time shortage, so producing articles on a daily basis might not be an option. Regardless, start by composing two essays weekly. Create a calendar and track how much time you spend on every article.

Long-reads being dominating

Until modern days, writers have followed a simple rule – one blog is one thousand words (up to 1150 words, to be exact). And that’s understandable; more people are on the go these days, and they don’t have enough time to read longer articles.

But here is the thing: although true–people have less time to scroll through newsfeeds and read extensive articles–long-reads have been taking over short blogs. How is that possible, you might ask. The best explanation is that larger pieces perform way better on the web. Google ranks such articles high and makes them available to more people.

That doesn’t mean you have to prolong your piece at all costs because long-reads are trendy now. If you can’t develop enough ideas to generate an article with more than 1k words, leave it as it is. It will be more readable in this size.

Editing is becoming part and parcel of successful blog writing

People used to close their eyes to typos, clumsy constructions, and inaccuracies when reading various blogs. After all, you understand the idea. What’s the big deal, right? Now, it is a big deal. Committing errors when writing blogs is unacceptable. Editing has become an indispensable part of writing. If you want to be a professional writer, you must ensure your works are impeccable and unparalleled. So, how do you edit effectively?

The best way to edit your blogs is to turn to a competent writing service, like EssayShark ( The folks will peruse your piece, correct the mistakes, and pinpoint the weakest parts of your writing so that you will know what to omit when writing the following articles.

Alternatively, you are encouraged to reach your friends and ask them to go through your papers and check whether they’re readable and error-free. Doing that won’t cost you a dime, but the results will be tremendous.

Blogging will be a more time-consuming undertaking

Blogging will require more investments because people have higher expectations for pieces. It is unlikely that you will impress many people with an article you wrote within an hour. Apart from writing down the manuscript, you need to sound compelling, coherent, and accurate. And achieving that requires time. In general, remember that it’s best to narrow down the number of articles if you lack time because of studies. It’s always better to compose one top-notch, thought-provoking, viral piece than five mediocre ones.

Guest posting will be more reputable

Many bloggers prefer to work on their pages only, refusing to produce guest posts. Indubitably, guest posts have recently had a bad rep, as many writers would simply misuse the guest post’s primary purpose. These days, however, guest posts have slowly transformed and become an influential tool for spreading the word about your blog by using personally written manuscripts.

If you can’t decide on producing guest posts, try to A) pick a well-known topic and B) spend more time generating an article. Putting effort into writing such a piece will pay off if the resource you write for is prestigious.

Social media networks are excellent promotion channels

We spend too much time using social media. Whatever the network, we use it to communicate, scroll through the newsfeed, and just kill time. Social media platforms are excellent areas to publish your content fully or partially. Besides, it is entirely free to use social media as bait to make people visit your blog.

You can also cooperate with other people. Promoting your blogs will help you attract more followers and readers.

Essay writing principles will come in handy

Student-bloggers will confirm that an essay writing approach has helped them generate better content, particularly when talking about structure. In other words, every student knows that an essay must include three fundamental parts: an introduction, body, and conclusion. Every element aims to make the entire essay cohesive, precise, and valuable.

Follow the same strategy if you haven’t already; make your blog revolve around the beginning, middle, and ending. It will help you glue the work together and improve the blog’s readability.

Wrapping things up

No one-size-fits-all blog writing strategy exists. It will take time until you find an approach that will help you generate remarkable pieces. Nonetheless, the mentioned trends are time-tested and productive ways of producing blogs. Start using them to reach success asap.

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