Is Content Writing a Good Career?

More and more people are searching for ways to make money online. One of those ways is content writing. But is it a good and lucrative career?

The world has snowballed into change and digitization over the past few years, and many professions have become increasingly popular. While content writing was more prominent in literature and books years ago, its limitations have broadened into countless industries and roles. So, is content writing a promising career?

Content writing is a lucrative and flexible career path, and the profession is in high demand by an extensive range of industries. However, becoming a good, well-paid content writer takes much more than writing skills and is not as simple as many sources suggest.

While many believe that content writing is easy money as long as one is efficient in the language been written in, this isn’t the case. Since so many industries have been transitioning to websites and online mediums, content writing entails much more than it may have years ago. Join us as we discuss content writing as a realistic career path and aspects to be aware of when becoming a good content writer who earns a decent income.

Is content writing a good profession?

Yes, content writing is an incredibly lucrative career, depending on several factors. There are plenty of benefits for being a content writer, such as the ability to dictate which jobs would be most suitable for your skills by choosing between various niches and levels of skill requirements. Content writers do have deadlines like everyone else but are generally able to work remotely and flexibly.

Besides, there is something quite special about being in a role offering exposure to so many topics and information. While the career requires it, this consistent freedom to learn while being paid for it is undoubtedly invaluable, and enriching your vault of knowledge can be incredibly beneficial in everyday life.

Is content writing easy?

No, content writing may be quick and straightforward to get into, but unlike many online sources may indicate, content writing is not necessarily easy. However, the entrance requirements may be substantially lower than other career paths in some cases, ranging from as little as simply being proficient in a particular language to having a Bachelor’s in any field to having a Degree or Master’s specifically in journalism or mass communications.

Content writers also have to be knowledgeable of digital factors subject to technological change within demanding industries. Although it may be easier than other roles in many cases, being a good content writer takes far more than writing skills and an extensive vocabulary.

The demand for so many aspects can make this role deeply challenging and mentally exhausting over time but is greatly aided by innate interests and abilities. The presence of these qualities will make the entire work process far more enjoyable and increase the quality of the content regardless of language and writing skills used.

Empathy and relatability

A commonly overlooked necessity of content writers is the ability to empathize with the readers or audience being targeted, which can range drastically at any given moment depending on the role. This trait can be communicated by relating to the audience, why they may be reading the piece, and using niche-specific language or terminology. Such approaches will ensure that your writings are always relevant to the audience, which increases their interest and connection with the written piece.

Writing skill and style

Of course, the ability to write efficiently in terms of grammar, punctuation, and vocabulary choice. But, the writing skill level and style will also depend on the audience being targeted. Content writers should target the reader at their level of understanding – not necessarily the highest level of language available. Communicating in such a way too increases how pleasant and relatable the piece will be for readers.

Web analytics, marketing, and search results

Since most written pieces can be found online nowadays, it’s essential for content writers always to consider the platform that readers will be found and how to reach them. This entails knowledge of SEO, HTML, CSS, WordPress, algorithms, and patterns used by websites and search engines. Certain pieces need to be written in specific ways to be favored by these algorithms.

Coupled with high-quality written content, knowledge of such factors will increase the popularity success of written pieces. Knowledge of marketing tactics and styles is necessary. Often, content writers will need to promote products or services in an unbiased way, always presented in manners that are relatable for the reader.

Research skills and originality

If scrolling through countless pages and digging into lengthy literature seems like a nightmare for you, content writing may become increasingly tiresome over time. Research skills are one of the most crucial elements of content writing, and writers need to know what, where, and how to search for information. Thorough research includes knowledge of popular keywords for searches, knowledge of domains and their reputability, and awareness of online authority within any given niche audience.

Originality is another area that needs close attention for content writers. As more and more individuals add content to the limitless pool of knowledge that we call the internet, it becomes increasingly challenging to ensure that every written piece is truly original in language choice, style, and structure. This skill takes time to practice but is invaluable as plagiarism is an absolute no-no for content writers.

Are content writers in demand?

Yes, more and more businesses have begun shifting their approach to online or technological sources, increasing the demand for good content writers in a range of niches. Website page pieces, blogs, articles, posts, and even advertisements use content writers to ensure that the text is just right. These niches and industries battle for the spotlight in search results, customer loyalty, and sales, and content writing does play a prominent role in this success.

Thus, the necessity for good content creators is essentially limitless. Popular job roles for content writers include freelance content writers, where there is an endless list of audiences and job role variants to target. More niche-specific roles include bloggers, news writers, scriptwriters, copywriters, web content writers or managers, content editors, proofreaders, content development specialists, digital content strategists, and social media writers or managers.

Content writers can find specialized roles, such as business, technical, educational, creative writers. Content writers can also be hired within particular sectors, including education, assisted living and nursing homes, travel and tourism, healthcare, and recruitment agencies.

Do content writers make good money?

The income that content writers make will be greatly reliant on the type of role they are in, the quality of writing they provide in various aspects over and above writing ability, and the number of written pieces they can produce within a specific amount of time on average. Other influential factors include the country they are in, the brand, client, or organization they are working for, and the writer’s experience.

Based on the pay scale and work availability on average, content writers can earn around $16 an hour at beginner levels who have less than a year of experience, $20 per hour after four years of experience, $25.50 per hour after 5 – 9 years of experience, $34 per hour after ten years of experience, and around $49 per hour after 20 years of experience. However, this pay scale will still rely on the role, employee, and location.

Some pay rates are based per piece, while others are calculated per word, but there is a similar relationship between the pay rate and the content writer’s experience in this regard. Beginner content writers may get paid between $0.01 – $0.5 per word, with experienced writers being paid $0.50 – $1 or above per word. However, most content writers who start off offering good quality of work may get paid $0.10 per word, after which they would get paid $0.20 per word once they become more experienced.

How to become a content writer?

Becoming a content writer is relatively simple, and there are plenty of online resources that can aid you in your mission. But, becoming a good content writer is quite complex, and it will take time, practice, and patience to be considered ‘experienced’ or ‘professional’ and get paid accordingly. Everyone learns at different paces; thus, this timeframe and learning journey will differ for every individual.

However, the most fruitful place to start is with simpler written pieces. Such pieces include blog posts, simple niche website articles, and social media posts. One can work towards more complex written pieces as they gain experiences within the industry, such as articles based on advanced topics, eBooks, and sales content writing, including emails and sales letters.

The learning journey is invaluable to growth as a content writer, irrespective of the niche or audience you are targeting and the role you find yourself in. Everything learned day by day will add up over time and will not only make this career path more enjoyable in the long run but will amount to written content that is higher in quality, captures essences that need to be communicated, and is effective at captivating your target audience.

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