What is the Difference Between a Wiki and a Blog?

Don’t know what the difference between a wiki and a blog is? In this post, I’ll discuss the similarities and differences between the two.

For most people, the image of a blog and that of a wiki likely share the same place in the mind. Both are a place you run to when you need new information or want to understand more about a certain topic, and both are a place where people can share knowledge. But what are the differences between a wiki and a blog?

A wiki is a number of web pages cross-linked to each other where collaborative editing can be done. Everyone can edit the content in the wiki. A blog is a website managed by a single person or a team of contributors and contains a collection of articles usually put under a category around a specific topic.

While both wikis and blogs share similar attributes, they can differ radically for some things such as management, ownership, and type of content.

In this blog post, I’ll dig into defining what a blog and a wiki is, the major differences between the two, and what they have in common.

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What the heck is a blog?

Blogs can have any layout and cover many different topics, but they all share common basic features such as:

  • The blog posts of a blog is listed in a reverse chronological order
  • The readers can comment on (or reply to) a blog post
  • Blog posts usually have a date and time it was published

It really varies depending on which blog you’re reading. On some blogs you may also find something like:

  • Blog entries have a title that descripes the content of the post
  • Categories are assigned to the blog post
  • Some blog posts contain emojis to light a certain mood

Some of the most popular blogs on the internet include:

Take a look at the links above. You should be able to identify some of the attributes we just covered. When that’s out of the way, let’s take a look at the definition of a wiki.

Now, what the heck is a wiki?

I bet you’ve been on Wikipedia when you went to high school, right? Fiercely copy-pasting all of your assignments. Well, Wikipedia is (as the name implies) a wiki.

Some of the key characteristics of a wiki are:

  • Any person can easily create pages and connect them using hyperlinks (without actually being the author of the site)
  • There’s an emphasis on dynamic content (no final version but rather an ongoing current version)
  • There’s a revision history for each page so people can see when the page was last edited (rather than published)

Some of the most popular wikis on the internet include:

Alright, so we’ve covered what the heck a blog and a wiki is. Now let’s take a look at some of the main differences between the two.

Similarities between a blog and a wiki

I hope the definitions got you a little more clever on the definitions. But that’s not why you’re here. No, you’re here to learn how the two differ from eachother. So, without further ado, here are the main similarities between a blog and a wiki:

  • Anyone with an internet connection can access the sites
  • It’s rather simple to set up using modern publishing tools
  • People are somewhat free to express their opinions
  • Easy to edit the content through a web browser
  • They’re not reliable sources to use in your school assignments (sorry…)

There are tons of other similarities but these are the most common similarities. Let’s have a look at some of the main differences.

Differences between a blog and a wiki

While a blog and a wiki revolve around creating content for users to read, they also differ a lot. Let’s compare them in terms of ownership, management, and type of content:

CategoryA blogA wiki
AuthorsBlog posts are written by a single individual or a few people from the same companyArticles are written and edited by a ton of people that are knowledgeable about the given topic
ManagementA blog gets updated whenever the author feel like creating new blog postsA wiki gets updated whenever a person has newer or better info on a given topic
ContentIs very eye-catching and is usually written to drive conversions and traffic to other pagesIs written to deliver info and answer people’s questions on a given topic

Here’s a more in-depth version of every category:


A blog and a wiki differ a lot when talking about who can edit the content. On a wiki such as Wikipedia anyone can edit the content by hitting edit this page. With a blog, it’s quite different. It’s only the owner of the blog (and those who have access to the blog) that can edit the content.


Blogs and wikis are very different in terms of how they’re managed. As you probably know, a wiki is a place where readers go to quickly find information on a given topic. That’s why a wiki needs a ton of management and regular updating. Blogs feature articles that are usually curated content either written by a single person or by a set of team members. They’re usually very personal and evergreen.


Content on a blog is usually very eye-catching that is created to attract people’s attention and drive conversions that’ll make the owner of the blog money. That’s not the case with a wiki. It’s usually very informational and not written in a way that attracts people’s attention (at least not the wiki articles I’ve written, hehe).


That’s pretty much it for the similarities and differences between a wiki and a blog. Two very similar yet very different categories.

I hope this article gave you a somewhat idea on the differences between the two and that I answered the questions you may have had before coming to this page. If you want to read more about what a blog is and how to start a blog, here’s a very intuitive guide to starting a blog as a very beginner.

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