6 Tips To Improve Your YouTube Marketing Strategy

Looking for a way to improve your YouTube marketing strategy? These 6 tips will for sure light the fire and get your YouTube channel rollin’.

Whether you own a retail business or offer B2B services, or are an independent creator, video content is versatile and comes with many variations. The biggest player in the format of video content is undoubtedly YouTube. For the most effective YouTube marketing strategy, you need to leverage both old and new features, trends, and updates present on the platform. Here are six killer tips to improve your strategy today-

Make use of YouTube tools and features

YouTube is already inbuilt with tons of effective tools and features for creators to leverage. Use YouTube intro and outro to establish your branding and add your desired call to action. Suppose you have uploaded a tutorial on how to assemble equipment. In that case, you can lead your audience to other videos which explain how to use that equipment or something similar for your playlist.

Include audio transcripts in your videos. You can make your video content universal by adding closed captions, thus extending its reach to a global audience. With closed captions, you are essentially cutting down the language barrier so audiences can consume your content in any part of the world. At the same time, your video can be accessed by even those who are disabled using this YouTube feature. If you strategically place keywords in your video transcript, you can also improve your YouTube SEO. Make these incredible tools a part of your YouTube strategy and level up your marketing.

Brand your YouTube channel

Your YouTube channel should showcase your brand’s story in front of your viewers. From your channel’s icon to the about section, everything should sound like your brand’s voice. To achieve that, upload your brand’s logo to the channel icon. Further, customize your YouTube banner with icons to your social media profiles. This can lead your audience to your social channels and increase engagement there.

In the description section of your channel, write a brief description of what your brand is about. Your description should be the perfect introduction of your brand to every new visitor. Along with the description, add a call to action that leads your visitors to your brand’s website or social media channels, wherever you wish to connect with them.

Finally, categorize your videos into different playlists. You can have categories like webinars, behind-the-scene, etc., depending upon the kind of content you put out. You can brand those playlists with names that are distinct and specific to your brand.

Consistently create engaging videos

Maybe that’s a given, yet so hardly paid attention to. Your video content should get viewers talking. Create videos that complement your website content or blog. Ask your customers to share their experiences of using your products or services. You can also start a separate vlog channel for your brand and use it to interact with your audience exclusively.

Informational video content is one of the most popular genres on YouTube. Interview professionals in your niche and subject matter experts to hit the nail right. Alternatively, you can create step-by-step tutorials to educate your users. Using a YouTube video editor in this process can help you boost the quality and quantity of videos produced by your business. This will make you more consistent and, as a result, eminent in your viewers’ minds.

At the same time, dig into your analytics and find out the time your audience is most active on the platform. Then, post videos consistently during that time frame.

Make your title voice search-friendly

No one wants to go through the hassle of searching alphabets on the keyboard anymore. People now use voice search to play the videos they like quickly. Since voice search is so hassle-free and easy, as a creator, you need to make sure that your videos appear in front of the intended audience when they search through audio.

More important than that is to optimize your video titles using SEO-related keywords. Imagine if you were searching for YouTube videos using voice search. Would you use longer video titles or shorter ones? Chances are you will use less number of keywords to describe your YouTube video. Focus on the language you use too. It would be less formal and more conversational.

Therefore, here’s what you need to do. Create a short and simple YouTube title that includes a few important keywords and has a conversational tone. This will give your SEO rankings a huge boost and subsequently increase your views on YouTube.

Pay attention to your descriptions and thumbnails

Since your thumbnails and description are the first things your audience will see, make sure it provides deep insights into the content of your video and optimize it for better results.

Your thumbnail should be eye-catchy and should urge viewers to click and watch your video. A YouTube video thumbnail’s two most crucial elements are a picture and a supporting text known as the caption. For both, you need to use popping images and attention-worthy captions that reel the audience in. Facial close-ups are a safe idea to play with. You can easily create an eye-catching thumbnail with an online YouTube video editor. The basic idea is to create a visual representation of the entire concept that the video is about.

Besides thumbnails, video description is equally important for your YouTube marketing strategy. Ensure you include relevant keywords in your descriptions to enhance your SEO positioning. At the same time, keep the content of the description aligned with the content of the video. Along with SEO-related keywords, you should also write catchy sentences which push the viewers to click on the play button of your video.

Add YouTube Stories to your YouTube marketing strategy

 After Instagram and Facebook, YouTube has jumped on to the Stories’ trends. YouTube has also released the Stories feature, allowing creators to upload short, mobile-only video content.

This feature is only available to creators with more than 10,000 subscribers. This feature allows variations in your content on the platform as a creator. It also helps boost community engagement.


A smart YouTube marketing strategy uses all the tools and features at your disposal and leverages them to build consistent engagement on YouTube. While you do that, remember YouTube is a visual platform, so use a professional-quality YouTube video editor to edit stunning quality videos that pull in views.

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