How to Properly Optimize Your Pinterest Board Names (in 2021)

There’s more to your Pinterest board names that you might think. Let’s take a look at how to properly optimize them.

I’ll be honest with you: I have no idea how Tumblr works. And that’s why I use Pinterest. Pinterest has all the memes I need to get by, but I don’t have to navigate a tricky interface. No offense to Tumblr enthusiasts, but Pinterest provides me with all the organization porn I need.

If you’re one of those people who claim they have OCD (like me) and love organizing everything down to the smallest detail, then this article is for you.

Pinterest allows us to create multiple boards that will fill the self-proclaimed OCD child hiding inside everyone. It even lets other people follow any boards you set as public so that they can get that good kush (I’m talking about organization porn, people.)

Now, to get more viewers on your Pinterest board! In order to satisfy our growing egos, we have to learn how to generate the best Pinterest board names.

Why is that important? With the growth of search engine optimization technology (also known as SEO, you’ve probably heard of it if you’re reading this blog), search engines like Google match search results based on the keywords you’re using. The more people use your keyword, then the more likely it’s going to be that your board ends up on top.

Try this out: Go to Google and look up “crochet boards pinterest” and check out the first link that comes up.

If the powers that be aren’t fucking with my mind magic, then it should take you to a Pinterest board named, “Crochet Board” by Eudora G. This Pinterest board only has 103 followers, as opposed to the second link generated by Google, which is “Another Crochet Board!! :)” by Regina Chappell Young and has 2.22k followers.

Why is this happening?

It’s just a little thing called optimization magic. If you want your Pinterest board to come out on top and gain more attention, then let us take you on a magic carpet ride. Here are a bunch of very useful tips that should get you started on finally organizing your odd mishmash of Pinterest pins.

The organization just never stops and I’m a sucker for it. But before we get to the heart of the matter, let’s answer a few questions:

Hold up, what the hell is a Pinterest board name?

How have you come this far without asking this question? Well, my young Padawan, a Pinterest board name is basically what you name your Pinterest board. That should be easy enough to understand.

It’s what helps you remember which “a e s t h e t i c” you’re going for. It serves a reminder of what your board contains, basically.

Aight, so what in purgatory is a Pinterest board cover?

Think of it like an icon that reflects what’s inside your Pinterest board.

For example, if your board is named “Darth Vader Fanart,” then your Pinterest board cover should be something jamming to that same kind of vibe. It could be Darth Vader using The Force or something.

The tricky thing about Pinterest board covers is that they function the same way as those “a e s t h e t i c” Instagram accounts. You know, the ones where they post a photo that has the same filter so that they look pleasing to the eye or some other shit. You might have to do the same for your Pinterest board.

#1: When in doubt, #Hashtag it out


Hashtags are a great way to bring in more people to your Pinterest board. They work so well because they can run across multiple platforms. If you know even the tiniest bit about Twitter, then you’ll know that whenever something’s trending, it’s usually got a hashtag to go with it. As I write, one of the topics trending is #BoycottCocaColaCo and fuck all if I know what that means.

Anyway, hashtags get you discovered on Pinterest, especially when you use a hashtag that’s commonly used around Pinterest or social media in general. If your brand has a campaign going on, then you can label it with a hashtag so that you can keep track of what your users are saying about your brand.

From Facebook to Twitter to Instagram to Pinterest and—shudder—to Tumblr, hashtags quickly sort out topics labelled as such. For example, let’s bring back that “Darth Vader” board back to life. Maybe you’re running a hobby blog that focuses on Star Wars or something.

Imagine that you set up a campaign that tells your viewers you’re hosting a fanart or fanfiction contest with Darth Vader as the theme. If they want to join, they should post a picture of their artwork using the hashtag #DarthVaderForever.

By using this hashtag, you are establishing a way for you to see all the contest entries submitted by your followers. You can then Pin all these entries to your Pinterest board and name it “#DarthVaderForever Fan Contest.” Anyone looking up the hashtag on Google is definitely going to see your Pinterest board.

#2: Choose your keywords wisely

Food may be life, but keywords are lifer in the search for best Pinterest board names. The simplest way to do this is establishing a long tail keyword.

“When the fuck did keywords get a fucking tail?” you ask? Well, let me explain it in the simplest terms possible:

Most keywords are pretty short and easy to use and understand, but if a keyword is commonly used, that means more competitors are using them too. That means more competition for you and more competition for your brand as it struggles to stand out amongst the rest of the brands using that same keyword.

Here’s where long tail keywords come into play.

These keywords are longer, and usually contain 3-4 words instead of the usual 1-2 short tail keywords. Because they are longer, they are more specific. And because they are more specific, people who pass by your brand are more likely to be interested in exactly what you’re offering.

The best Pinterest board names often use long tail keywords so that they gain more traffic and less competition.

#3: Go legit and get a business account

If you’re trying to use Pinterest to drive more people to your website, then you definitely have to go legit and make a business account.

You can make one from your personal account. With a business account, you get to do all sorts of shit like looking professional and refined online because God forbid you ever curse in your blog.

A Pinterest business account helps you drive sales higher and redirects pins to your website to get more attention. If the need to hold another fan contest arises, you can increase the traffic to your board and to your brand. This makes sure that more people see it and actually stay to see what else you’ve got.

You can even check out how famous you’re becoming on Pinterest because business accounts offer analytics on the Pins you’ve Pinned.

Remember to give a way for your Pinterest visitors to contact you if they ever want to inquire more about your brand. Maybe they want to set up collaboration, or maybe they want you to write a sponsored post for them. Either way, make your Pinterest bio count and add contact details.

Another way you can do this is by linking all your Pins to your blog or your website. A lot of people forget to do this, or don’t know they can even do it. Don’t be one of those people.

You’ve got a website—make sure it’s noticed. If you’re confused on how to link your website to your Pinterest Pins, then check out this article on How to Claim a Website on Pinterest in 4 Quick Steps.

#4: The magic is in the details

Trust me when I say there are about a couple hundred thousand Pinterest boards named “entrepreneurship.”

Hell, even I may have named one of mine exactly like that. This follows the same logic I told you earlier about long tail keywords. There’re so many Pinterest boards vying for attention that are all containing the name “entrepreneurship”.

Specify what kind of entrepreneurship you’ve Pinned together.

Are they about all about the digital stuff? Use “Digital Entrepreneurship – Blogs, Vlogs, & Podcasts.”

Are they power statements from entrepreneurs? Use “Powerful Quotes from Entrepreneurs.”

Are they specifically catered to mompreneurs? Use “Entrepreneurship for Mommies”.

My point is, you have to be specific and detailed in order to get the best Pinterest board names for your brand. Conceptualize an idea and hyper focus on that so you shy away from more generic and common names.

In this way, when someone actually has the nerve to look up whatever wacky board name you’ve concocted, they’ll find exactly what they’re looking for and are more likely to give your brand a shot.

#5: Stay relevant and loosen up

Remember when I said you’d have to take a crack at Pinterest board covers? Yeah, you’re going to have to do that and more. Check out my article on 13 Easy Tips to Create Stunning Pinterest Board Covers so you can get it over with.

Looking for the best Pinterest board names for your brand doesn’t mean shit if you can’t stay relevant and keep up with the times. Yes, Pinterest is a scary place full of scary people, but fuck all if you let that stop you.

Loosen up and crack a joke—or ten. Even though you consider your brand “serious” and “professional,” there’s no harm in letting a little crackhead shine through.

People on Pinterest are creative. They want something that’s interesting—something that’s totally new, humorous, or relatable. I’ve got that in the bag with my Darth Vader example, but what if your brand is about dentistry or law? Unleash the dumbass inside you and create a whole ass Pinterest board with MEMES.

Yes, I heard what I said, and I said MEMES. Create a Pinterest board that has dentistry memes, or maybe some law memes. It doesn’t even have to be memes, just something new, light, and interesting.

There’s humor to be found in everything, and it only increases the interest of potential customers browsing through Pinterest. No one wants a stuck-up asshole trying to sell a product to them, especially if said asshole is lurking on Pinterest. Fit in with the fun, casual vibe of Pinterest and start getting creative.

Once you’ve loosened up, you have to get in with the times and rearrange your Pinterest board depending on whichever special event is happening worldwide.

Is it the month of February? Then get your love on and put a ‘loving the blog life’ board up on top.

Anything you’d consider not in the theme of The Love MonthTM should be hidden at the bottom where it belongs until it has to rear its ugly head again.

Why the heaven should I even do all of this?

Come on, who doesn’t want to have plenty of followers following their Pinterest boards?

Pinterest boards are a way to promote your brand because you can run ads on them, and you can lead people back to your blog or website by linking it to your Pins.

Optimizing something as simple as your board names on Pinterest can already push you a little higher towards fame and fortune, so get the fuck to work.

Pinterest is a great avenue for advertisement because for some people (could be me, but I’ll never tell), Pinterest is like the new Facebook or Twitter. You can interact with people on Pinterest and share your thoughts on an idea or maybe some tips to help you achieve whatever new shit a Pinterest board is teaching you to do.

And that’s it. Pinterest is the new creative outlet that allows you to reach a wider demographic. By establishing the best Pinterest board names for your Pinterest boards, you bring more traffic to your website or blog, and hopefully this will drive up your stats and reputation.

If these tips are not enough to soothe your self-proclaimed OCD soul, then here are 10 Actionable Pinterest Tips That Will Generate More Followers Today for you to check out.

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