The 7 Best Blog Niche Ideas in 2020 (Highest Paying)

You want to start a blog but don’t know what type of blog niche you’d like to focus your attention on. That’s the number one reason why many people fail to get their blogging journey going.

I spent countless of hours trying to figure out which blog niche I’d like to write about when I first started out. And for no good reason. It shouldn’t be that hard to figure out.

That’s why I’ve spent a long time coming up with the 7 best blog niche ideas to get you going immediately. Furthermore, I’ve listed the three most popular subcategories under each niche to inspire you.

Keep in mind that these are the highest paying blog niche ideas out there, and that many other niches might be more interesting but not as profitable.

Before you continue

If you haven’t already, I’d advise you to check out my post on how to start a WordPress blog since it’ll reach you everything you need to get started. Come back to this article once your website is up and running.

Quick overview

Here’s a quick overview of the blog niches to save you a lot of time reading through every single list item in this blog post.

  1. Blogging
  2. Personal Finance
  3. Investing
  4. Real Estate
  5. Lifestyle
  6. Fitness
  7. Fashion

Take a look at each of the list items below to get a more in-depth look into what you can expect to earn, and how difficult it’ll be to break into the given blog niche.

1. Blogging

Here are some of the people that earn the most within this niche:

  • Adam Enfroy
  • Matthew Woodward
  • Neil Patel
  • Backlinko

This niche has become increasingly popular over the years because of it’s profitability.

If we take a look at Adam Enfroy, his earnings for August 2020 was a staggering $82.866 as seen below.

income example from the "blogging" blog niche

However, it’s one of the toughest niches to begin with.

You’ll need a lot of experience and some sort of proof to show your readers that you know what you’re talking about and that your methods work.

I don’t have such proof yet which makes it incredibly tough for me to grow my blog with the same pace as he does.

However, I don’t care too much about how much I earn right now.

I’m really just building my way towards getting a ton of backlinks to eventually grow the DA of my blog.

Over the time, I’ve failed so many times when starting a blog, and I want to use it as a force to help other people avoid those same mistakes that I made.

Three of the most popular subcategories that you can dig into within this niche is listed below.

3 most popular Blogging subcategories

  • Make money blogging
  • WordPress blogging
  • Mom blogging

Once again, this niche isn’t easy to start out with since you’ll need to build credibility and be trustworthy before you can earn big bucks. Heck, I’m still building trust with my beloved readers and I have quite a lot of experience.

If you think this is the niche you’d like to get started with, I’ve written a blog post on how to make money blogging. You might find it interesting.

2. Personal Finance

The next one in line is Personal Finance. This is a niche that contains a ton of subcategories for you to choose from. However, it’s not as easy to get started with since you’ll need quite a lot of prior knowledge to be able to help out other people with their financial situation.

An example of a very successful personal finance blog is Good Financial Cents. Jeff Rose is the man behind, and he managed to pull in $151.168.01 in July 2020.

There’s also Michelle from Making Sense of Cents who earned $145.319 in October 2018 while traveling – and has earned around the same amount since then.

What’s super cool about starting a personal finance blog is that you’re able to help out tons of people with their finance. Lots of college students graduate with a ton of debt, and many adults don’t know how to manage their money.

Enter, your personal finance blog. You’ll be able to help out so many people with their financial situation. And my god, is it a good feeling.

This niche isn’t limited at all. Take NerdWallet which was launched in 2009 by Tim Chen has now grown to over 285 employees with an annual revenue of $150 million.

There’s an endless amount of possibilities in this niche, and some of the most popular subcategories are listed below.

3 most popular Personal Finance subcategories

  • Retirement
  • Debt
  • Banking

Note that this niche requires a ton of prior knowledge but with the right amount of dedication and hard work, you’ll be able to learn everything you need to learn to get started.

3. Investing

Now, this one is a little more tricky than the previous two niches. It requires a lot of prior knowledge about investing in general, and you’ll need to build a serious amount of trust with your readers since they’re risking their money based on your advice.

However, if you manage to nail your blog strategy, you’ll be able to make a ton of money since you’re entering a very profitable niche.

People generally don’t think too much about spending hundreds of dollars for an investment strategy since they’ll earn back their money based on your advice.

There’s not really any investing blogs that announce their income from their blog since it would come across as untrustworthy. However, take a look at A Wealth of Common Sense by Ben Carlson or Simply Safe Dividends by Brian Bollinger. Two investing blogs that for sure makes a lot of money.

Here are some of the most popular subcategories in this niche.

3 most popular Investing subcategories

  • Value investing
  • Daytrading
  • Retirement

Investing can be a sensitive area for many people since they’re risking to lose their hard-earned money if they follow the wrong advice. Your focus should be to build trust and equip them with strategies and tools that you’ve tried and tested yourself with success.

4. Real Estate

Real Estate is also a great niche if you’re looking to earn a lot of money from your blog. Lots of people make a living blogging about real estate, but your primary competition would be larger companies, brokers, etc.

By scouting the internet for 30 minutes while finding content for this blog post I discovered that not a lot of people blog about real estate WHILE keeping things personal. If I were to read a real estate blog post, I’d honestly love if it was kept personal and relatable.

I don’t see that in the current market. Just a little bonus tip.

Some examples of real estate blogs are Redfin and RISMedia which are larger companies. Smaller companies include BiggerPockets and Inman.

Here are some of the most popular subcategories that you could dive into if you choose to blog about Real Estate.

3 most popular Real Estate subcategories

  • Agent training
  • Real Estate investing
  • Selling Real Estate

This is a tough nut to crack, but once you crack it you’re in for a treat. Especially if you own a real estate license.

Take Ryan Serhant for example. He uses YouTube to boost his sales, and he and his team sold for $1.45 billion last year alone with a 94.7% closure rate.

5. Lifestyle

Now we’re getting into some of the niches that are a little easier to start a blog in and a niche that more people can relate to.

There are an endless amount of subcategories for this niche, and you can even start writing about general lifestyle tips and tricks, and dig into personal finance, investing, fitness, or any other topic later on as you go.

It’s also quite a profitable niche. Abby Lawson from Just a Girl and Her Blog earned $41.700 in December 2016, and Silas and Grace who made $3.000 in within the first 3 months of starting their blog.

I’ve never actually tried to start a blog in this niche but I have a lot of contacts who started out with a lifestyle blog and from there changed niche.

Some of the most popular lifesyle niche subcategories to dig into would be the ones listed below.

3 most popular Lifestyle subcategories

  • Health
  • Beauty
  • Travel

This niche is very wide, and you can practically fit any subcategory within that very niche. Remember that the wider your niche is, the more competition you’ll have.

A great rule of thumb: keep your niche relatively narrow without sacrificing too much on the page views.

6. Fitness

Who knows, maybe you’re the next Arnold Schwarzenegger…?

If so, you’re going to love this niche. It’s very easy to wrap your head around and build an audience since it’s quicker to build trust compared to some of the other niches in this post.

Maybe you already know a lot about the niche – else you’re going to have to take some time to build some knowledge that you can share in an awesome format with your audience.

An example of a successful fitness blog is Nerd Fitness which was founded by Steve Kamb. In an article from Forbes, it’s reported that the blog earns more than $100.000/month.

That said, Nerd Fitness is a rather large blog with 25 full-time employees.

Another example is Avocadu which was founded by the creators of, Alex and Lauren. They’re currently making more than $100.000/month just from their fitness blog Avocadu.

Some of the most popular Fitness niche subcategories are listed below.

3 most popular Fitness subcategories

  • Bodybuilding
  • Weight loss
  • Keto diet

You don’t have to have worked out for the last 17 years and be an IFBB pro to write about fitness. You just have to have the right attitude, be motivated, and work your ass off.

7. Fashion

If you’re a girl reading this, you’ve probably once had a dream of starting a company that could blow Vogue off the stage. Well, Vogue could as well have started out being a fashion blog and transformed into a huge company.

It might, however, be a tiny bit unrealistic unless you’re willing to work every second for the rest of your life.

Let’s aim a little lower – $17.934,17/month to be exact. That’s what Suzana Rose made from her blog in November 2017. Imagine how much she makes now? I bet it’s a lot more.

The possibilities are endless and the only limit is really your creativity. If you have a great eye for fashion and you’d like to help out other people with their style, home, or any other aspect of life, this would be an ideal blog niche to start in.

Three of the most popular Fashion blog niche subcategories that you can dig into is listed below.

3 most popular Fashion subcategories

  • Personal style
  • Interior design
  • Accessories (shoes, bags, etc.)

There’s really no prior knowledge requirements. However, be aware that the fashion industry is based on personal opinions which can result in quite a lot of negative comments from people who dislike your taste/vibe.


That’s a wrap. These were the most profitable blog niche ideas out there, and they’re all pretty easy to get started with (unless you choose Personal Finance or Investing which will require a bit of background knowledge before getting started).

I’d strongly suggest you read my post on starting a blog using WordPress after you’ve found the niche you’d like to take on. From there, I’d take a look at some of the affiliate programs out there that’ll boost your revenue by miles.

Let me know which niche you chose in the comments below.

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