Tools I’m using

During the last few months as a blogger I’ve tried quite a bit of tools. I’d love to share them with you and explain to you why I think they work and how I use them.

This page is really going to dig into what sorts of tools I’m using on a daily basis. Without them this blog wouldn’t be where it is today – for sure!

1. Bluehost

Bluehost has been my go-to WordPress hosting provider for a few years now. Not because they’re any faster than their competitors. But because they have an amazing support team that are able to help you in a split second should you be in trouble.

I’ve tried a bunch of other WordPress hosting providers but Bluehost has definitely been my favorite so far. And, it’s ludicrously cheap compared to its competitors.

2. KWFinder

We’re all familiar with the fact that keyword research is one of the most important parts of getting your blog on Google. I mean, how should you know what people are searching for without such keyword research tool?

In comes KWFinder. I’ve been pinging back and forth between KWFinder and Ahrefs. The problem with Ahrefs is that their plans start at $99/mo. KWFinder is almost a third of that. Nice, eh?

3. MailerLite

There are a bunch of different email marketing tools on the market, and I’d lie of I said I haden’t tried almost all of them. Because I have. And what I found was that MailerLite is by far the most beautiful and cheapest email marketing platform.

If you’re just starting out and have under 1.000 mail subscribers, then you’ll be able to use MailerLite for free. At no friggin’ cost.

4. Fiverr

This isn’t really a tool but more of a platform. I’ve been using Fiverr since the day I started this blog. Most of my content is written by freelancers from Fiverr and then I spend 2-3 hours editing them and making them look awesome.

You can find pretty much anything on Fiverr. Just be a little careful when you’re buying freelancers. Some may not be as good as others.

5. MonsterInsights

If you’ve successfully started your blog and have been scouting around the WordPress dashboard for a little while then you probably know that it can be tough to find out how well your blog is doing on Google.

I’m using MonsterInsights to get a clearer and quicker picture of how well my blog is doing and how much traffic I get each month. It’s an invaluable tool for me and I’m very pleased with my purchase.