How to Submit Your Podcast to TuneIn: Beginner’s Guide (2021)

Want to reach more people with your podcast and increase your exposure? Here’s how to submit your podcast to TuneIn.

TuneIn has over 60 million active users worldwide, which is probably why you want to get your podcast uploaded here. I mean, if only 1% listened to your awesome content, you would be exposed to over 60k listeners!

Clearly, TuneIn is a great place to start for any podcaster who wants to grow an audience. Here’s another cool thing. TuneIn collaborates with Alexa to expand its audience reach. That means all your listeners can catch your podcast on Alexa!

So, to get a piece of this massive pie, you’d have to upload your podcast to TuneIn.

Many beginners, and frankly some experienced podcasters, have no clue how to submit podcasts to TuneIn. The good thing is, there’s more than one way to do it, and you are about to learn all of them.

Let’s get started!

A step-by-step guide

  1. Step one is logging in to Alternatively, go to and click on the podcasts tab. It will lead to the login page.
  2. On the site, you will find a range of genres. I know it’s tempting to listen to some podcasts but don’t press the play button. Instead, find the “community” tab and select a community from the many brands, broadcasters, and podcasters.

Now that you are part of the community, you can click on the “podcasters” tab to publish your podcast.

  1. On the site, you will find two options: publish a podcast and update your podcast. Updates are made on an existing podcast so ignore this tab for now. Click on “publish a podcast.”
  2. The page will open a blank submission form asking for your name, podcast title, RSS Feed, website URL, email, and other standard stuff. Obviously, you must fill the form before you submit podcast to TuneIn.
  3. Once you fill the form, accept the TuneIn terms and conditions and click on “send the email.” Wait for confirmation from the TuneIn team.

As you can see, the TuneIn podcast submission process is simple and straightforward. Now, all you have to do is wait for Alexa to play it.

Oh! Before we move on…

Don’t panic when the confirmation takes a couple of days. It takes about ten business days for TuneIn to confirm podcasts. Luckily, it has an amplifier program that helps you track your progress.

Although uploading your podcast directly to TuneIn is simple, there are other ways to do it, mostly through RSS. For instance:

1. Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout is a certified and secure podcast publisher and promoter that helps you host, track, and promote your podcast. Beginners prefer this hosting site because it’s affordable and easy to use. According to the organization, at least over 100,000 podcasters started their career on Buzzsprout. With so many people excelling in the company, it makes sense to host your podcast with them. So, how do you submit podcasts to TuneIn through Buzzsprout?

  • Log in to
  • Click on the directories tab. Here, you will find all the podcast directories supported by Buzzsprout.
  • Click on TuneIn+Alexa to get listed on TuneIn. You will be led back to the TuneIn website.
  • From here, follow the instructions on the TuneIn website. Enter your podcast information on the submission form and wait for approval. Many podcasters experience a delay in updating their podcasts because of inaccurate information. So, be sure to copy your Buzzsprout RSS Feed URL from their site when completing your podcast information. Remember, this process can take a while. So, be patient.
  • Once your podcast is approved, you can update your Buzzsprout profile by submitting your TuneIn URL. The team at Buzzsprout will help you promote the podcast to their listeners. Free advertising is a plus, so take advantage of that opportunity.

2. Castos

If you need unlimited storage for a fixed monthly price, then is the web host for you. Besides the obvious fact that you can create unlimited podcasts for your listeners, Castos also allows you to create intimate, in-depth interactions with followers. You can start online courses or have monthly subscriptions to boost your income.

Every subscriber means a possibility to earn more money. The best way to scale in your income through Castos is through private podcasting so take it a little seriously. We won’t go into much depth with that because today, we are handling TuneIn podcast submissions.

So, how do you do this through Castos;

  1. Follow the TuneIn procedure above. Log in, click on community, and podcasters, until you gain access to the submission form. I think you have noticed by now that the first step is pretty much the same for all podcast hosting sites.
  2. On the submission form, TuneIn requires you to add an RSS Feed and URL. Go back to and copy the RSS Feed on your site. To find your RSS Feed and URL, click on podcast settings, then distribution.
  3. Paste it on the form and fill out the rest of the submission form.
  4. Accept the terms and conditions, then click on send email.

The waiting period is not different for any of the sites. So, I still have to emphasize the need for patience. You can record more podcasts as you wait for the golden approval. That will keep your mind off your email inbox for a while, won’t it?

Once the podcast is published, you can update your Castos account to generate more listeners. Remember, you can share your podcast publicly or privately on Castos.

3. Fireside

Fireside is the brainchild of experienced podcasters, which means it has everything necessary to help you grow your audience and income. For instance, it has accurate stats for your analytics and downloads.

On Fireside, you can go back to your first podcast and locate every download, so you know how many people downloaded your podcast and when they did it. You can also navigate to your Fireside dashboard and access all your account information.

The user experience on their side is so smooth, but the company didn’t stop there. They know that most podcasters also blog about their shows, so they created a way for you to integrate your account with your website.

This means you can easily send your website traffic to your podcast! Pretty neat, right?

Your Fireside website will consist of tag pages, custom pages, separate host and guest pages, links, as well as custom artwork. On the Fireside platform, your listeners get more than an audio experience.

The best part, you can transfer your podcasts to Fireside at no additional cost, so no wasting time converting your audio files. You can customize your website domain and enjoy built-in security.

So, how does TuneIn podcast submission work on Fireside? The process is similar to that of Castos and Buzzfeed.

1. Log into TuneIn and find TuneIn+Alexa as shown above.

2. To fill in your RSS Feed and website address before going back to Fireside. Click on the Dashboard tab to copy your RSS Feed and website address. Go back to TuneIn and Paste the information under the appropriate instruction.

3. Properly fill out the remaining part of the form and send the email.

Once approved, you will get an email, and your podcast will be good to go. Don’t forget this might take up to 10 business days.

4. Wistia

One thing that stands out about Wistia is its colorful website. Although I like the site’s layout, I wasn’t sure about Wistia as a podcast host and distributor. I kept second-guessing it because the company is primarily into marketing software that delivers video content. Even so, upon further research, it’s safe to say Wistia is a formidable podcast host. Podcasts don’t have to be in audio form since you can record videos too.

The site integrates video and audio, allowing you to give your audience a personal touch. You can customize your website, use CRM integrations to track audience engagement and performance. That’s not all. You can also enjoy high-speed navigation and authenticate your brand through videos. To submit podcasts to TuneIn:

  1. Open and follow all the instructions above.
  2. Copy your RSS Feed and URL from Wistia. Go back to TuneIn and paste them on the designated boxes. To locate your web information on Wistia, go to the “Distribute” tab and select the appropriate directory. In this case, we’re looking for TuneIn.
  3. Finish the submission process and send the email for approval.

Before selecting Wistia as your podcast hosting provider, take note of one vital point. Not all podcast directories support video podcasts from Wistia. The last time I checked, TuneIn was not on the list. However, you can still submit your audio podcasts through the site. Moreover, you can use the tools used in video content for your audio content.

5. SoundCloud

I saved the best for last. SoundCloud is undeniably one of the most popular audio platforms in the world.

Pay attention to your description on your SoundCloud profile. Unlike on other sites, you will use the description as your RSS Feed. Make it good so you can stand out from the rest.

To gets your podcast to TuneIn via SoundCloud:

  1. Open the SoundCloud URL and click on the “Content Tab.”
  2. Copy the RSS Feed from the description.
  3. Open TuneIn and follow the TuneIn podcast submission instructions listed above.
  4. You can paste the RSS Feed and website URL directly from SoundCloud.
  5. Finish the process and send the email.

To attract more SoundCloud listeners to listen, like, and comment on your podcast, you can highlight your SoundCloud URL at the beginning and end of your podcast. Most users listen to the beginning or end of the podcast to decide whether the content fits their interests. Adding a strategic promo will also help.

When it comes to podcast distribution, these RSS Feeds are only the tip of the iceberg. There are more sites you can rely on to submit your podcasts to TuneIn. Who knows, we might revisit this topic in the future. Let us know if you would be interested in finding out more podcasts hosts that TuneIn supports. We can discover them together.

Wait, before we conclude, here are several things you should note before you submit podcasts to TuneIn.

  1. If you need or want to add a podcast feed to an already published podcast, write the Program ID on the comment section. The team at TuneIn will update the information on the feed.
  2. TuneIn allows the broadcaster to customize their images. However, they recommend a square JPG or PNG formatted image. The dimensions should be at least 1200 × 1200 for the logo size and 1024 × 300 for banner images. An unsupported image format can lead to the rejection of your submission.
  3. To facilitate your podcast’s approval, you ought to create a unique and catchy podcast title. It may seem like all creative titles are already taken, but you can be surprised by your creativity. Expand your imagination.
  4. Make sure you have at least one podcast episode in mp3 or m4a format.
  5. All podcasters love to monitor their performance. The progress motivates you and lets you know what you need to work on moving forward. To monitor your channel’s analytics and generate traffic to your station, you can use the TuneIn Amplifier program.
  6. Log in to your TuneIn account.
  7. Create a TuneIn embedded player and add it to your website.
  8. Create an embedded code that you will use to direct listeners to your podcast station.
  9. Visit and submit your request. Remember to enter the embedded player website and your original TuneIn email address.
  10. After you receive an approval email, you can begin to enjoy the benefits of the amplifier program. Make use of your social sites by posting the embedded code and website URL. That directs more people to your TuneIn station. Even friends and family can come in handy. Recruit everyone and grow your station.
  11. You can visit the “Promote Your Content” Tab on the TuneIn site for more information.
  12. Finally, remember to enter your podcast’s program ID on the submission form. You can copy the program ID from the podcasts TuneIn URL. It is at the end of the URL. The program IDs start with the letter “p.”

Whether you’re a beginner or a professional podcaster, TuneIn offers good opportunities for everyone. Take advantage of this; create content and expand your reach to millions of listeners through TuneIn. That said, happy content creating! I’m about to listen to a podcast.

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